Hadjikyriakou, G.N. 2007: Aromatic and spicy plants in CyprusHand, R. 2011: Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus VII. – Willdenowia 41: 341-355Meikle, R.D. 1977: Flora of Cyprus 1
1Leaves shortly pinnatifid or irregularly toothed, subglabrous and more or less glaucous; flowers pink or pale purple
1'Leaves deeply once or twice pinnatifid or pinnatisect, more or less strigose; flowers red, orange-red or purple-crimson
2Capsule clavate; peduncle glabrous or almost so
2'Capsule obovoid or globose; peduncle with adpressed or ascending bristles
3Capsule obovoid; stigmatic rays up to 8, rarely up to 10; more or less densely bristled plant, lobes of leaves often bristle-pointed
3'Capsule globose; stigmatic rays 8-12(-18); nearly glabrous plant, lobes of leaves as well
4Capsule more or less bristly
4'Capsule glabrous
5Capsule narrowly oblong or clavate, sparsely bristly with the bristles often confined to the upper part; peduncles conspicuously thickened in fruit
5'Capsule ovoid or ellipsoid, densely bristly; peduncles not conspicuously thickened in fruit
6Flowers small, petals 1-2 cm long, orange-red, no black markings; anthers yellow, sometimes brownish; capsule turbinate or broadly clavate; lower leaves typically lyrate and with obtuse lobes
6'Flowers rather large, petals 2-4 cm long, scarlet or crimson, often with black markings; anthers black; capsule subglobose to clavate; lower leaves pinnatisect or pinnatipartite with pointed lobes
7Capsule with 5-8(-10) stigmatic rays, obovoid, gradually narrowed to the base; 5-18 cm high delicate plant of coastal sands, often tinged red
7'Capsule with (5-)8-15(-18) stigmatic rays, obovate-oblong or turbinate, attenuate towards the base; plant usually more than 20 cm high, not tinged red