ISSN 2567-5621
Places of publication: Lefkosia & Berlin

Editorial board: Charalambos S. Christodoulou (Lefkosia, Cyprus), Georgios N. Hadjikyriakou (Trachoni Lemesou, Cyprus) & Ralf Hand (Berlin, Germany)

Cypricola is a new e-journal that publishes information on the vascular plants of Cyprus, with an emphasis on their taxonomy, chorology, karyology, nomenclature and conservation, as well as their botanical history and other floristic aspects. The journal’s primary focus, however, is plant recording.

Cypricola aims to publish articles and short notes quickly, in pdf format and with open access. Even single, important findings will be published in separate notes. In this way all new information will be immediately available to the public.

For submissions, we ask authors to follow the style of published instalments, especially for citations and source material (please consult the bibliography at, and for presentation of specimen data. All submissions will be reviewed and edited. In accordance with Cypriot botanical conventions, Cypricola only accepts records that are based on herbarium specimens. Cypricola publishes in English only, and non-English speaking authors are asked to involve native speakers in the manuscript to ensure a high standard of language.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board, and as necessary by additional external reviewers. Papers that fall outside the thematic focuses of Cypricola will be rejected. We urgently request authors to use only the internationally accepted names of towns, villages and toponyms according to the official 'Gazetteer of Cyprus', without any non-accepted toponyms in parenthesis, quotation marks etc. Besides, this follows the tradition of Meikle's 'Flora of Cyprus'. The editors can help for the necessary changes in order to resolve uncertainties.

All illustrations must be sent as separate documents (e.g., in jpg format). Tables are to be embedded in the text as should the titles of the illustrations. Authors will receive a pdf for final proofreading in advance of publication.

Manuscripts should be sent to:

Cypricola is solely an online journal. The electronic versions will be secured on servers of various institutions in Cyprus and Germany. Once published, the text version cannot be amended. Errata will be published as separate documents.

Licensed under Creative Commons