Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2
bur rearranged, much modified and names used differing
1Pappus absent
1'Pappus present
2Erect, with erecto-patent, dichotomous branches
2'Dwarf, acaulescent or mat forming without erect branches
3Rosette-leaves shorter than inflorescence; plant with very numerous spreading branches, forming mats of contiguous rosettes
3'Rosette-leaves distinctly longer than inflorescence; plants often unbranched
4Rosette-leaves 7-20 x 2.5-4 mm, not much longer than inflorescence, apex blunt or subacute, not mucronate, base scarcely tapering
4'Rosette-leaves 10-40 x 3-7 mm, much exceeding inflorescence, apex obtuse or subacute, generally mucronate, base tapering, quasi-petiolate
5Leaves linear-subulate, tapering to an acute apex; capitula forming small, irregular clusters, usually overtopped by the floral leaves
5'Leaves oblong or lanceolate-spathulate, apex obtuse, rounded, subacute or abruptly acute
6Heads terminal or lateral, sessile or subsessile, forming narrow spiciform inflorescences or partial inflorescences; receptacular scales strongly reflexed after anthesis
6'Heads terminal, solitary or terminating dichotomous lateral branches; receptacular scales not reflexing after anthesis
7Receptacular scales superposed in fives in a regular peripheral series of five, forming a sub-pentagonal capitulum; tips of scales conspicuous, shining yellow
7'Receptacular scales not in a regular or peripheral series; tips of scales not conspicuously shining
8Leaves narrowly oblong, acute
8'Leaves lanceolate-spathulate, obtuse or rounded at apex