Baldellia ranunculoides

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Baldellia ranunculoides


Indigenous (IN)


not endemic

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Regionally extinct? (RE?)


Plant 12-40 cm. Petiole 3-10(-40) cm; lamina 2-5 cm, sometimes more, linear-lanceolate, apex acute, base gradually attenuate into petiole. Pedicels 4-7 cm. Sepals broad, 2-3 mm, green. Petals pink, to 10 mm, obtuse. Achenes obliquely narrowly obovoid, 2(-3) mm, with 3 adaxial (dorsal) and 2 closely approximate abaxial (ventral) ridges, ± hairy (in Turkish specimens) or glabrous.

Source: Davis P. H. (ed.) 1984: Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands 8. - Edinburgh.