Cyperus flavidus

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Cyperus flavidus

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Indigenous (IN)


not endemic

Red Data Book category

Data deficient (DD)


Lumping of Pycreus with Cyperus following the recommendations of Larridon & al. (2014).

Larridon I., Bauters K., Reynders M., Huygh M. & Goetghebeur P. 2014: Taxonomic changes in C4 Cyperus (Cypereae, Cyperoideae, Cyperaceae): combining the sedge genera Ascolepis, Kyllinga and Pycreus into Cyperus s. l. – Phytotaxa 166: 33-48.

Altitudinal range

100300 mA
A. R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985