Klasea cerinthifolia

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Klasea cerinthifolia



Indigenous (IN)


not endemic


Separation of Klasea following Martins & Hellwig (2005).

Martins L. & Hellwig F. H. 2005: Systematic position of the genera Serratula and Klasea within Centaureinae (Cardueae, Asteraceae) inferred from ETS and ITS sequence data and new combinations in Klasea. - Taxon 54: 632-638.


Division 1 indigenousA
Division 2 indigenousA,B
Division 3 indigenousA,B
Division 7 indigenousA
Division 8 indigenousC,D
A. R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985, B. G. Alziar, Compte rendu du 4ème Iter Mediterraneum in Bocconea 11. 2000, C. R. Hand, Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus V. in Willdenowia 36. 2006, D. Șekerciler, F. & Ketenoğlu, O., Flora of north dunes of Karpaz National Park (Cyprus) in Biol. Diversity Conservation 4: 189-203. 2011

Altitudinal range

01225 mE
E. R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985