R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985
but supplemented and names used differing
1Plants stoloniferous, stems creeping and rooting at the nodes; roots bearing small, globose tubers
1'Plants not stoloniferous, stems not creeping, erect; roots without tubers
2Achenes almost flattened, with a distinct marginal wing
2'Achenes compressed but without a winged margin
3Margins and ribs of achene not retrorsely ciliolate; leaves often shining green, rarely glaucescent
3'Margins and ribs of achene ciliolate with minute retrorse bristles; leaves generally glaucescent
4Lateral lobes of pinnatisect leaf oblong or oblong-deltoid, or sometimes almost suppressed, commonly spinulose-denticulate
4'Lateral lobes of pinnatisect leaf narrowly oblong, lorate or almost filiform, generally entire