B. R. Baum, The genus Tamarix. 1978R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
but modified
1Inflorescences arising from current year's shoots; flowers normally pentamerous, styles normally 3
1'Inflorescence arising from year-old twigs
2At least bracts of lower parts of racemes shorter than pedicels; flowers pentamerous
2'Bracts all longer than pedicels
3Bracts not exceeding calyx; flowers usually tetramerous
3'Bracts nearly equalling calyx, up to or exceeding flowers
4Petals trullate-ovate, shortly cuneate; flowers tetra-, penta- or mixed tetra-pentamerous; rhachis of racemes and younger parts usually papillose
4'Petals obovate-unguiculate; flowers usually tetramerous, sometimes pentamerous at apex of inflorescences; rhachis of racemes and younger parts not papillose