Pinus brutia

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Pinus brutia


Indigenous (IN)


not endemic


Ranking of the taxa Pinus halepensis and P. brutia is much discussed. We treat them as species following Meikle (1977). See also Daskalakou & Thanou (2010).

Daskalakou E. N. & Thanos C. A. 2010: Seed and cone morphometric indicators: a new tool for the discrimination between the common Mediterranean pines Pinus halepensis Mill. and P. brutia Ten. - Pl. Biosystems 144: 819-825.


Division 1 indigenousA
Division 2 indigenousA,B,C
Division 3 indigenousA,C,D
Division 5 indigenousA
Division 6 indigenousA
Division 7 indigenousA
Division 8 indigenousA,E
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Altitudinal range

01225 mF
F. Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977

Common Name