Jahn, R. & Schönfelder, P., Exkursionsflora für Kreta. 1995Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
Both keys combined and modified.
1Petals white; racemes elongate, often exceeding 5 cm in length; pods reticulate-rugose, fuscescent when ripe
1'Petals yellow; racemes less than 5 cm long; pods pale brown or olive-brown when ripe
2Pods reticulate or reticulate-rugose
2'Pods with numerous close concentric ridges or transversely striate
3Pods 5-6 mm long
3'Pods 2-2.5 mm long
4Pods transversely striate
4'Pods with numerous close concentric ridges
5Pods 6-7 mm long; fruiting raceme much shorter than subtending leaf
5'Pods 3-5 mm long; fruiting raceme equalling or exceeding subtending leaf
6Corolla 2.5-4 mm long; pods 3-3.5 mm long; raceme with 8-25 flowers
6'Corolla 4-8 mm long; pods 3-5 mm long; raceme with 25-50 flowers