Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977Tsintides, T.C., Hadjikyriakou, G.N. & Christodoulou, C.S., Trees and shrubs in Cyprus. 2002
but modified
1Buds viscid-resinous; twigs and leaf-sheaths blackish; leaves dark green, rigid; cones light brown or tawny-yellow; scales rough with a prominent umbo
1'Buds not viscid-resinous; twigs and leaf-sheaths brown or greyish; leaves bright green or greyish-green; cones rich brown; scales smooth with a flattish umbo
2Cones very broadly and shortly ovoid or subglobose, scales with a much thickened, strongly convex apophysis; seeds 15-20 mm long, 8-10 mm wide; testa thick, hard and woody; trees with a dense, flattish or umbrella-like crown
2'Cones ovoid, tapering to apex, scales with a flattish apophysis; seeds 5-7 mm long, 2-4 mm wide; testa rather thin, not hard or woody; lax-branching trees with an irregular crown
3Cones patent, shortly stalked or subsessile (stalk up to 1 cm), broadly and shortly ovoid, 4-5 cm wide; leaves (7-)11-16(-20) cm long
3'Cones strongly deflexed with a well-developed, recurved stalk (stalk 1-3 cm), rather narrowly ovoid, 2.5-4 cm wide; leaves slender (5-)7-11(-13) cm long