Ficaria chrysocephala

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Ficaria chrysocephala


Indigenous (IN)


not endemic


Arguments for the segregation of Ficaria have been repeated by Galasso & al. (2011). We also agree in accepting the Cypriot taxon at species rank.

Banfi E., Galasso G. & Soldano A. 2011: Notes on systematics and taxonomy for the Italian vascular flora. 2. - Atti Soc. Ital. Sci. Nat. Mus. Civico Storia Nat. Milano 152: 85-106.


Division 1 indigenousA
Division 2 indigenousA,B
Division 3 indigenousA,B
Division 5 indigenousA
Division 7 indigenousA
Division 8 indigenousA
A. R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977, B. G. Hadjikyriakou, Symvoli sti meleti tis chloridas tis Kyprou 2 in Dasoponos 23. 2005

Altitudinal range

01225 mC
C. R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977