Quercus ×campitica

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Quercus ×campitica



Indigenous (IN)


not endemic


See also Neophytou & al. (2007) on results of further morphometric studies.

Neophytou C., Palli G., Dounavi A. & Aravanopoulos F. A. 2007: Morphological differentiation and hybridization between Quercus alnifolia Poech and Quercus coccifera L. (Fagaceae) in Cyprus. - Silvae Genet. 56: 271-277.


Division 2indigenousA,B
A. G. Hadjikyriakou, Symvoli sti meleti tis chloridas tis Kyprou 16 in Dasoponos 54. 2013, B. R. Hand, Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus V. in Willdenowia 36. 2006

Altitudinal range

700775 mC
C. R. Hand, Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus V. in Willdenowia 36. 2006


Shrub up to 5 m high. Lamina 2-5.5(-6.5) × 1.2-3(-4) cm, ovate, ovate-oblong or oblong, thick, rigid, leathery, dark shining green above, rather densely silvery to pale golden yellow-tomentose below in young leaves and densely silvery-tomentose in mature leaves, except for the region of the rather prominent midrib and lateral nerves, where it is partly or sparsely tomentose in mature leaves: apex acute, spinose, base shallowly or distinctly cordate, margins spinose dentate with usually upwards-directed pungent teeth, nervation somewhat obscure above, the midrib and lateral nerves rather prominent below. Petiole 4-10 mm long, stellate-tomentose. Male inflorescences extra-axillary, restricted at the lower part of the current year?s shoots. Female flowers in the leaf axils, solitary, sessile or shortly stipitate or in solitary spikes of 2-4, rachis up to 15 mm long; styles 3-4(5), recurved. Cupule about 10 mm in diameter, with strongly recurved, hooked scales. Acorny narrowly obovate or subcylindric, 2-3 cm long, rounded or attenuate at apex, conspicuously apiculate, apiculus distinct, dome-shaped, occasionally with the recurved styles.

Source: Hadjikyriakou G. & Hand R. 2006: Quercus, p. 793-797. - In: Hand R. (ed.), Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus V. - Willdenowia 36: 761-809.