Carlina lanata

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Carlina lanata


Indigenous (IN)


not endemic


Division 1 indigenousA,B
Division 3 indigenousA,C
Division 4 indigenousA
Division 7 indigenousA,B
Division 8 indigenousA
A. Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985, B. Meusel, H. & Kästner, A., Lebensgeschichte der Gold- und Silberdisteln 2. 1994, C. Della, A., Flora of a valley in the Pendakomo area in Agric. Res. Inst. Minist. Agric. Nat. Resources Cyprus Misc. Rep. 52. 1992

Altitudinal range

0300 mD
D. Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985