Veldkamp, J. F., A revision of Cenchrus incl. Pennisetum (Gramineae) in Malesia with some general nomenclatural notes in Blumea 59: 59-75. 2014
but modified
1Culms mat-forming; leaf margins smooth; panicle enclosed in the uppermost sheath, with 2-4 spikelets; spikelets 16-17 mm long
1'Culms erect to geniculate at base; leaf margins spinulose or scaberulose; panicle exserted with many spikelets; spikelets shorter than 7 mm long
2Ligule setae 2-3 mm long; peduncle pilose below the panicle
2'Ligule setae 0.75 mm long; peduncle glabrous below the panicle