R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985
but modified and names used differing
1Leaves sinuately pinnatilobed; stem winged; calyx-limb conspicuous, brightly coloured
1'Leaves simple, entire; stem not winged; calyx-limb membranous, pallid
2Some of the inflorescence-branches sterile or without flowers; leaves narrow-spathulate
2'All the inflorescence-branches bearing flowers
3Plants annual, with a slender taproot; inner bracteoles tuberculate, involute, closely enveloping the flower
3'Plants perennial, with a tough scaly rootstock; inner bracteoles not conspicuously tuberculate or involute
4Calyx-nerves produced far beyond the limb into spreading, uncinate-circinnate awns; calyx-limb divided almost to base into narrow lobes; calyx-tube generally glabrous
4'Calyx-nerves stopping at apex of limb, or shortly excurrent; calyx-limb subtruncate or divided into broadly ovate lobes; calyx-tube pubescent at least towards base
5Inflorescence repeatedly branched, large, diffuse, many-flowered
5'Inflorescence sparingly branched, not large or diffuse
6Leaves distinctly nerved, 8-30 cm long, apex rounded, obtuse or emarginate
6'Leaves nerveless or indistinctly nerved, 2-10 cm long, apex acute, terminating in a short, brownish awn
7Leaves subsessile, forming tight, crowded rosettes; inflorescence very slender, (2-)5-10 cm high
7'Leaves tapering gradually to a petiole, forming loose, irregular rosettes; inflorescence 18-35 cm high