R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
but accepted names differing
1Leaves always subulate-acicular, 3-whorled
1'Leaves of mature growths scale-like, decussate
2Fruits red-brown at maturity; leaves blunt, very closely adpressed-imbricate; a lowland plant
2'Fruits purplish-black or violet, pruinose, at maturity; leaves acute or subacute, often rather loosely adpressed-imbricate; mountain plants
3Ultimate divisions of branchlets often distinctly 4-sided; leaves with or without an obscure resin-pit on the dorsal surface; seeds 1-2(-3) in each fruit
3'Ultimate divisions of branchlets subterete or irregularly angular; leaves generally with a distinct and active dorsal resin-pit; seeds 4-6(-9) in each fruit