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but modified
1Flowers in small axillary clusters; siliques curved or falcate
1'Flowers in elongate, leafless terminal racemes; siliques straight or slightly curved
2Siliques 1.1-1.8 cm long, erect, and adpressed to rhachis
2'Siliques 3-10 cm long; erecto-patent or spreading
3Pedicels thinner than the siliques; siliques 3-5(-6) cm long
3'Pedicels about as thick as the siliques; siliques (3.5-)5-10 cm long
4Stem hispid at the base (hairs up to 3 mm long); upper leaves sessile; sepals patent (in fruiting plant)
4'Stem softly grey-pubescent (hairs up to 1 mm long); upper leaves petiolate; sepals erect (in fruiting plant)