Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985
but modified and names used differing
1Spinescent subshrubs, forming low, domed, intricately branched bushes, capitula 5-6-flowered
1'Unarmed, erect or spreading herbs, not intricately branched; capitula more than 6-flowered
2Outer phyllaries erect, scarcely half as long as linear inner phyllaries, the latter 8-9 mm long, 1.5-2 mm wide at base; ligules 15-19 x 4-5 mm; plant perennial with a thick, woody rootstock
2'Outer phyllaries loosely erect or with somewhat recurved apices, almost as long as the inner phyllaries, the latter oblong, 10-12.5 x 2-3 mm; ligules 9-14 x 3-4 mm; plant annual with a slender taproot