R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985
but modified
1Leaves and involucre white-tomentose; shrubby perennial
1'Leaves and involucre not tomentose; plant annual
2Capitula without rays, or ray-florets with very minute ligules
2'Capitula conspicuously radiate
3Pappus-hairs twice as long as achene, 5-6 mm long; capitula in small terminal cymes or corymbs, or sometimes solitary
3'Pappus-hairs equalling or shorter than achene, less than 2 mm long; capitula numerous in rather large terminal cymes or corymbs
4Leaves and stems arachnoid; involucre with a calyculus of blackish (sphacelate-)tipped bracts
4'Leaves and stems glabrous or glabrescent; involucre without a calyculus